Why Saying No to People Is Vital For Your Happiness

4 Reasons Why You Should Start Saying No to People

2 min readNov 6, 2022


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Most people show hesitation when comes to saying no. And if that person has a people-pleasing nature, they might even over-exhaust themselves just to avoid saying no. It is a usual thing that many of us sometimes struggle with.

However, different people can apply different techniques while saying no to others based on their situation. The most important thing that we have to remember is that by saying no we are releasing ourselves from unnecessary stress and bitterness.

Apart from these, there are some substantial reasons why saying no is important. For instance, saying no helps us in

i) Establishing Firm Boundaries

Our boundaries exhibit what kind of person we are, how we want to be treated and what we are willing to accept. Thus, boundaries are crucial for our mental health and also for relationship aspects.

ii) Reducing Stress

Most importantly, by saying no, we are not exhausting ourselves by doing the things we are not interested and this relieves us from excess stress. As we know, stress can negatively affect our mental health especially if it develops into a chronic issue.

iii) Reducing Bitterness

If we say yes instead of saying no to someone, we end up resenting that person who came up with the request. Although it is not easy to say no in any personal relationship, eventually, it preserves stability in that relationship.

iv) Having Fewer Regrets

If we somehow accept offers that don’t align with our values and beliefs, we can have regrets about that thing later on. This is why by saying no we will be spending our time and energy on things that are truly important to us.

Final Takeaways

It is not inappropriate or disrespectful to say no, especially when it is necessary. Because, sometimes we don’t even have the energy to occupy ourselves with everything and, at that time, we have to put ourselves and our self-care first. And there is nothing wrong with prioritizing our self-care.




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