Why Is It So Difficult To Identify A High Functioning Sociopath?

The behavior of a High functioning Sociopath

3 min readJul 13, 2022


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We all about have some kind of knowledge about sociopaths and their characteristics. But among these sociopaths, some are high-functioning and some are low functioning.

The title “high-functioning” sociopaths are given to those who are an expert in portraying a delusional persona in front of others. People usually believe them as they present themselves in a way others want to see them. This type of sociopath is very competent in understanding the likes and dislikes of other people, and most of the time they exploit this information to manipulate their potential victims.

Normal people can’t easily identify this type of sociopath as they blend very well with society compared to the low-functioning sociopaths. Other reasons are that high-functioning sociopaths are productive and intellectual and manage to have control over their life. This is why they don’t involve themselves in any criminal activities.

Some of the Notable Traits

High-functioning sociopaths are very skilled at transforming themselves into what others want to see. This gives them the upper hand while making other people tick and making an instant connection with them. They usually possess traits like:

  • high intellect
  • outstanding interpersonal skills with charismatic nature
  • calculative, planner, and strategic while considering their surroundings and their actions
  • generally comes from either stable or strong family background
  • driven in terms of what they want and how to get it
  • have patience and willingness to work with other people till the timing is perfect for them to make their moves.

Because of these notable characteristics, high-functioning sociopaths can be a challenging enemy. As they like to think and stay a few steps ahead of other people. This is why people hardly suspect them.

Final Takeaways

No matter what kind of sociopaths they are classified as high-functioning, low-functioning, or narcissistic sociopaths they…



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