When Group Pride Goes Too Far: Understanding Collective Narcissism

The Complex Causes Behind Collective Narcissistic Beliefs



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Group narcissism, often referred to as collective narcissism, is the term used to describe a larger group of individuals who share narcissistic qualities. additionally, it characterizes circumstances in which a group of individuals believe they are better than other groups or organizations.

In practically every kind of cooperative group environment, including religious ones, collective narcissism can be noticed. Some of the examples of such groups could be:

  • activist groups
  • groups in politics
  • charitable institutions
  • academic departments
  • social groups
  • leisure-based groups
  • fan following
  • cultural groups

Although individuals with narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) or narcissistic tendencies may belong to a group, not every member of the group will exhibit narcissistic tendencies. In other words, it is the inner circle’s culture, not the people, that is the source of collective narcissism.

Examples of collective narcissism

Vandalism against another group’s properties to “make a point” or undermine their efforts with deceptive advertising are two instances of collective narcissism.

Apart from this, some of the remarks that could reflect collective narcissism such as

  • “There wouldn’t be this kind of difficulty if people would listen to us.”
  • “Are you aware of the goal we have in mind here? The only people who are trying to change this world are us.”
  • “They don’t matter to us. They are not even human beings.

Reasons behind Group Narcissism

Not every narcissistic group begins with a protective in-group optimism or a shared ideology. For something to change the dynamics, it could just take one individual in a position of influence who possesses narcissistic tendencies or narcissistic personality disorder (NPD).




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