When a Narcissist Gets a New Supply, This is What They Do

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Most of the time, when narcissists get their new supply, they try to hide it from other people. Because, if you know who they are from early on, you will not get involved with them. Besides, you will know there is no possibility of a real connection between you and the narcissist will lose his/her narcissistic supply.

When it comes to narcissistic supply, it can be both IRL or online. The narcissist who has low self-esteem and is insecure about their physical appearance might opt for online supplies. On the other hand, the grandiose type of narcissists might choose IRL supplies.

No matter which type of supplies the narcissists have, they try to keep all of their supplies apart from each other. To do so, the narcissist even tries to keep their supplies purposely in different locations. In this way, none of the supplies will find out about each other and it will be easy for the narcissist to receive narcissistic supplies from as many sources as possible.

This is why, when it comes to relationships, never believe that you are the only option for the narcissist just because he/she is making you feel special in the love bombing stage. Probably, the narc is doing the same to all of his/her options.

Also, when the narcissist is being distant and plays hot and cold, it means he/she is bored with the old supply and looking for new ones. So, when they get some new options, they make sure to keep their new supplies hidden unless they want to make their ex jealous.

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