What To Do When You Are Dealing With A Narcissist In Personal Relationships

In The Context Of Personal Relationships

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When it comes to sociopaths and narcissists, they usually thrive when they are the centre of attention. In their pursuit of supremacy, narcissists feel the urge to overpower others and make them feel inferior.

For instance, if you mention any of your proud accomplishments, they will purposefully make subtle comments or insults at you. Likewise, they may even leave you wondering if they will treat you nicely on a daily basis. Also, they can often use gaslighting while dealing with you.

Since narcissists strongly believe they can never make any mistakes, thus, they often refuse to acknowledge their faults because they feel personally threatened if they see even a little bit of imperfection in themselves.

It’s not always clear whether narcissistic and toxic individuals are aware of their behaviour. But if their behaviour and actions consistently make you feel horrible about yourself, you will have to keep this person at a distance or at the very least consider to be on your guard if they remain in your life.

Doing so, might not change them or their behaviour but at least you will be less stressed about dealing with them. The most crucial is that you have to protect yourself from any emotional abuse while engaging with them:

  • Keep in mind that you can’t change them, and questioning them could just provoke more rage without solving the issue.
  • Ensure that you are apart from them.
  • Understand that if the person remains in your life, you have to be cautious and diligent.

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