What Defines A Female Narcissist? Understanding The Complex Traits Of Female Narcissists

The Psychology of Female Narcissism



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In simple words, when it comes to male narcissists, they are often violent or aggressive, whereas female narcissists like to punish their victims by withdrawing their attention. Additionally, female narcissists mostly prefer to use negligence and ignoring as a means of control. On the other hand, male narcissists like to control through using power.

So, let’s find out what are some obvious personality traits of a female narcissist.

Personality characteristics of a female narcissist

i) Control Through Martyrdom

Female narcissists frequently portray themselves as an innocent martyr. According to therapist Wendy Behary, LCSW, “Their pain is greater than anyone’s pain, their efforts are bigger than anyone’s efforts, their suffering is more extraordinary than anyone else’s suffering”.

This can also be referred to as hidden or vulnerable narcissism, where someone exhibits narcissistic characteristics but is not overtly arrogant.

ii) Superficial

Just like any other narcissist, female narcissists also struggle with extreme insecurity. Moreover, they frequently obsess about their physical appearance and public image to hide their fears or shortcomings; this behaviour is additionally referred to as somatic narcissism.

In other words, a female narcissist is not truly interested in qualities such as integrity and morals until these qualities are exploited to enhance her image. In addition, their imperfections might be validated by material possessions such as clothes and cars. Furthermore, some female narcissists would even showcase the good qualities of their offspring to boost their image.

iii) Competitive and jealous

A female narcissist will have an intense feeling of competitiveness. She aspires to be the most charming, successful, and intelligent woman in the room. Additionally, female narcissists usually bring up their personal experiences in the discussion, acting similarly to conversational…




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