What Causes Misogynistic Behaviour And What You Can Do About It

3 Roots of Misogyny

2 min readOct 22, 2022


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3 Causes of Misogyny

A person may become misogynistic as a result of their life experiences, upbringing, societal influences and cultural traits. Among these, there are three main reasons behind misogyny, for instance,

i) Upbringing:

If someone grows up in a home in which family members have misogynistic attitudes and perspectives, it will eventually influence the child to develop misogynistic behaviour.

According to research studies, if any child was exposed to domestic violence and emotional abuse, it can influence behaviours like misogyny, prejudice and violence against women.

ii) Experiences:

A person’s life experiences influence their personality and attitudes in many ways. It somehow shapes someone’s belief system also. This is why, when someone is surrounded by misogynistic people and interacts with them, it also influences that person to develop the same kind of misogynistic attitude.

iii) Cultural Norms

Any cultural perceptions toward women can also lead to misogynistic behaviour. Besides, religious beliefs that may imply that women are inadequate and should be submissive can lead to hatred, abuse and misogynistic attitude toward them.

Advice on How To Handle Misogyny

It can be difficult to deal with misogyny, however, certain techniques could be useful. Some of these techniques can be:

I) Calling out

Don’t overlook any misogynistic behaviour. Whenever you notice any sexist behaviour, call them out and let them know, it is unacceptable.

ii) Reporting

If you encounter any misogynistic behaviour in professional settings, you can report it to HR or the manager in your department.

iii) Setting boundaries

If someone you know is showing misogynistic behaviour, it is better to set boundaries with that person and make sure that person respects your boundaries.




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