What Being A Morning Person Says About You

Personality traits of an early bird

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You know you are an early bird when you seldom need your alarm clock to wake you up. For you getting up and starting with your day isn’t much difficult. Waking up early is habitual for you even though you don’t have a busy schedule for your day.

Morning people are those who rise from sleep fairly easily and are most productive and/or active in the mornings,” says Dr. Ayish “If you’re a morning person, your brain is most alert in the morning, and you’re generally very good at harnessing this energy and focus to get tasks, work and chores are done.”

As a morning person, you tend to be more active and awake in the morning thus, it is hard for you to oversleep even though you have an exhausting night. Besides, you prefer to utilize your productive energy for your important tasks in the morning.

The distinctive traits of an Early Bird:

  • They are logical, this is why they thrive in standard and conventional type systems.
  • Because of their goal-oriented nature, they prefer planning everything ahead.
  • Some early birds even follow morning workout routines and other health regimes.
  • They tend to have a sound sleeping pattern as they mostly have a habit of going to bed early.
  • They tend to be punctual and reliable in fulfilling their responsibilities.
  • They mostly lead a schedule-driven and always productive kind of lifestyle that sometimes hinders their creativity.

Despite these traits, some people might have a habit of both early birds and night owls. For instance, in my case, it depends on my schedule and tasks. Sometimes I will be an early bird, and other times I will be a night owl. But I mostly prefer being an early bird.

What about you? Are you an early bird?

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