What Are The Traits Of Anxious Attachment Style

Managing the Anxious Attachment



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Anxious Attachment Style

The type of attachment style occurs due to the absence of parents during childhood. This absence can be either physical or emotional. In other words, if a child grows up without receiving enough emotional support, he/she might be sceptical about dependability as an adult.

People with this attachment style have certain traits that can be revealed through their behaviours and emotions. For instance,

Adults with this attachment style may crave intimacy but also

  • have trust issues
  • be fearful of emotional intimacy
  • have no healthy boundaries
  • need constant validation
  • tend to be emotionally needy or possessive
  • feel anxious while apart from the partner.

Also, due to their intense desire for approval, these people tend to be more people pleaser type. This eventually negatively impacts their mental health as their fear of rejection overpowers their ability to self-love and prioritize themselves and their own needs.

Apart from these, some people can develop this attachment style due to their previous relationship experiences. For instance, if they have been cheated on or rejected multiple times at a young age, it can impact their future relationships or how they deal with their prospective partners.

How to deal with an Anxious Attachment Style

While dealing with this attachment style, professionals usually suggest

  • to practice more self-awareness and healthy communication
  • developing more healthy relationships
  • gaining knowledge about your attachment style
  • learning to express emotions
  • dating someone who has a secure attachment style
  • avoid dating avoidant attachment type

By doing these, the anxious attachment type will be able to understand what a healthy and secure relationship is like. Also, a mental health professional can help the…




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