What Are The Signs Of An Unhealthy INTJ?

The Biggest Issues of an Unhealthy INTJ



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Unhealthy INTJs are easily offended if someone tries to interfere with their independence and doubts their capabilities. Because of this, they often use pathological ego-defensive tactics. Also, they might even be closed off emotionally and resist any type of situation that can make them feel uneasy and insecure.

As this type of INTJs always feels the need to show their worth to the outside world, they have an unhealthy perfectionism nature. This is why they are a bit restless and have a judgemental and dismissive kind of attitude toward others. Because of their personality traits, the unhealthy INTJs mostly experience isolation from others.

Apart from all of these, the unhealthy INTJs spend their time and intellect scheming and plotting. They enjoy learning about different aspects of any situation. Despite their diabolical scheming, they don’t execute successful plans.

In my opinion, one interesting example of an unhealthy INTJ could be “Mona Vanderwaal” from “Pretty Little Liars”.

So, What Could Be Some Obvious Issues Of Unhealthy INTJs

One of the main issues that unhealthy INTJs face is their inability to deal with their emotions and senses. As they keep themselves isolated from other people, they are consumed by their internal world.

For this type of INTJs, the concept of emotion is scary as they are afraid of being vulnerable. This is why they often try to suppress their feelings. So, if these INTJs want to develop themselves as a mature person, they need to deal with the process of their feelings and emotions.

Another issue of unhealthy INTJs could be their arrogant and disrespectful nature. This kind of nature is usually caused by their logical thinking and detachedness from their emotions.

Apart from these, they also have a cold and unempathetic nature. The reason behind this kind of nature is that they tend to use the information to harm other people. Sadly, these kinds of traits are very visible and push other people away from them.

Last but not least, the unhealthy INTJs are extremely introverted and lack emotional…




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