Unveiling The Veil Of Narcissistic Rage: Exploring The Deep Root Causes Behind This Destructive Behavior

From Fragile Egos to Unmet Needs

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Narcissistic rage can be caused by various factors. In general, narcissistic rage occurs when the narcissist feels threatened and insecure. However, some particular causes could be:

  • Someone may hide their true character and conceal internal injuries behind a fake personality based on lies as a result of early childhood trauma, for instance, abuse, negligence, and invalidation of their feelings.
  • A very sensitive temperament that reacts strongly to emotions of shame might make enraged reactions worse.
  • Lack of critical emotion regulation skills can influence juvenile response to different situations.
  • An unsteady sense of self-esteem causes the person to be fearful of being “found out” and this might result in outrage when triggered.
  • A failure or disappointment that causes humiliation and destroys one’s self-image can lead to narcissistic rage.
  • Being jealous of someone else having something they don’t have, for instance, materialistic things, relationships, or status can cause enraged reactions.
  • Recent events might restore memories of childhood humiliation and can cause narcissistic rage.
  • Narcissistic rage can also happen because of “splitting” (usually implies black-or-white thinking or all-or-nothing thinking). For instance, narcissists shift from romanticizing someone to demeaning someone or seeing someone as all wonderful and then all awful.
  • Having a divided sense of self, for example, real self and false self. This might affect the person’s capability to control emotional reactions.
  • A shattered sense of self that depends on other people’s admiration. This provides the narcissistic supply and creates a toxic situation in which their whole sense of self is dependent on what other people think of them rather than a true internal self.

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Seek assistance regardless of your circumstances. Getting therapy will be beneficial for you as well as others around you, whether you are the…



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