Unveiling The Veil Of Narcissistic Rage: Exploring The Deep Root Causes Behind This Destructive Behavior

From Fragile Egos to Unmet Needs

2 min readMay 14, 2023
Photo by Jan Kopřiva from Pexels

Narcissistic rage can be caused by various factors. In general, narcissistic rage occurs when the narcissist feels threatened and insecure. However, some particular causes could be:

  • Someone may hide their true character and conceal internal injuries behind a fake personality based on lies as a result of early childhood trauma, for instance, abuse, negligence, and invalidation of their feelings.
  • A very sensitive temperament that reacts strongly to emotions of shame might make enraged reactions worse.
  • Lack of critical emotion regulation skills can influence juvenile response to different situations.
  • An unsteady sense of self-esteem causes the person to be fearful of being “found out” and this might result in outrage when triggered.
  • A failure or disappointment that causes humiliation and destroys one’s self-image can lead to narcissistic rage.
  • Being jealous of someone else having something they don’t have, for instance, materialistic things, relationships, or status can cause enraged reactions.
  • Recent events might restore memories of…




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