Understanding Your Emotions: Is it Introversion or Depression?

Unravelling the Connection



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Have you ever wondered whether you or someone you know is introverted or are they depressed? Firstly, you need to understand that both extroverts and introverts are prone to depression.

If you notice, that someone is distancing or retreating from social activities and events to the extent that they are feeling depressed, unhappy and anxious, this means they are suffering from depression.

When it comes to the relationship between introversion and depression,

some research studies showed that introversion might increase the risk of developing depression, anxiety and loneliness. Thus, if you or someone you know are going through any of these mental health problems, be sure to consult a mental health professional.

Likewise, if you are thinking about whether you are an introvert or antisocial? Then reaching out to a mental health professional can help you in finding your answers.

Apart from these, it can be noted that there is a key difference between introverted and antisocial people. For instance, introverts have no problem being socially active in a way that seems natural to them. On the other hand, antisocial people would purposely prefer not to be socially engaged.

Also, antisocial people frequently struggle to function in a society where they are expected to engage in even little social interactions in a manner that is considered acceptable. So, if you are somehow having trouble with this, consulting a mental health expert can also help you figure out whether your antisocial behaviour is connected to a corresponding mental health issue.

As always, hopefully, the abovementioned things will help you in some way.

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This article is intended for educational and awareness purposes only. Please seek professional guidance for more information.

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