Trojan Horses

Part 2

1 min readJul 2


Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

So what are you gonna do next
Imprison me or execute me
Not afraid of any of those
It is your homeland so
You make all the rules here

So what, you sentenced
Lifelong imprisonment for me
The walls of your fancy castle
Might be strong but not
Stronger than my mind

Your subject knows
You are The Cruel Prince
You exude an air of malevolence,
Your keen intellect makes
You the master manipulator,
Exploiting others’ weaknesses
Is your hobby,
You view the world
As your chessboard
And people merely
As your pawn.

This captivity will neither
Consume my spirit nor
I will devise any escape plans
Not until I see justice prevail
And ensure your reign of
Cruelty comes to an end…

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