The Untold Struggles That All INTJs Face In Their Everyday Life

It can be lonely at the top

3 min readJul 27, 2022


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The INTJs are best known for their introverted and intuitive personality traits. They are meticulous and strategic. They prefer to combine creativity with their logical side to accomplish things. They also have the capability of seeing right through any duplicity or hypocrisy, and they observe everything.

So, good luck hiding anything from them!

Despite having some strong personality traits, INTJs also have their flaws. Some of their common struggles could be:

i) Emotional detachment

For INTJs logic and rationality is everything. Most of the time they think with their head rather than their heart. This makes things complicated for them when they dealing with emotional aspects. As they tend to rely on their logic, they end up disregarding their emotional side. Although they might appear as emotionally distant the emotional aspect often matters to them.

ii) Highly critical

INTJ might appear overly critical as they expect other people around them to be as equally efficient as them. They expect the best and most effective outcome from everything. When things don’t fulfill their high expectations they become harshly critical. They sometimes don’t understand that not everyone has a similar level of capability as them and that humans can make mistakes.

iii) Feisty attitude

INTJ will never be that type who will mindlessly follow some authoritative figure. They are very self-confident about their right and wrong decisions. So, imposing compelling rules and regulations will not work with them. They also will not be scared to stand up against any wrongdoing by the authorities.

iv) Social discomfort

INTJs unrelenting logical side could be the root of their social discomfort. They usually feel isolated or detached from others as they don’t feel the need to fulfill other people’s expectations that much. Sometimes they may also have a pessimistic view of emotional relationships, feelings, and love. This is why they might appear a bit unromantic to ordinary people. So, the only…




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