The Unknown Reasons Why The Narcissist Doesn’t Leave You Despite Loathing You

Their life depends on it

2 min readAug 16, 2022


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Ironically, narcissists can not live without us despite their hatred and jealousy of us. There are certain reasons behind this. For instance,

  • The narcissist needs their external validation from us and this is the reason they are persistent in keeping us around. The external validation provides them with enough narcissistic supply to keep on going. This narcissistic supply works as a motivating factor for the narcissist.
  • They usually rely on two types of narcissistic supply. For instance, flattering supply and toxic supply. The narcissist gets the flattering supply from the flattery and praises received from other people. On the other hand, they get the toxic supply from deceiving, manipulating, and harming other people.
  • Narcissists crave the toxic supply. It somehow satisfies their true self. For both of these supplies, narcissists constantly need other people. Thus, without us, they can’t have their narcissistic supply as their life depends on it.

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