The Subtle Signs Of Covert Narcissistic Behavior

At Workplace & In Relationships

2 min readNov 4, 2022


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To identify covert narcissists, you can pay attention to some warning signs. Besides, covert narcissists can be seen both in professional and personal lives. For instance,

At the workplace, covert narcissists may

  • Behave in arrogant and condescending ways toward their coworkers
  • Portraying a completely different image in public than their private ones
  • Putting excessive pressure on their coworkers and colleagues
  • When it comes to mistakes, they insult and point the finger at others
  • Gossiping about their coworkers at the workplace
  • Expressing outrage, then downplaying it

On the other hand, in terms of personal relationships, covert narcissists may

  • Show a lack of compassion for others and disregard what other people want.
  • Apply manipulation techniques like shaming and making the other person feel guilty
  • Being irresponsible and expecting others to take care of their problems
  • Using gaslighting to get control over the situation
  • Using other people’s weaknesses against them
  • Disregarding other people’s feelings and emotions
  • Behave in a passive-aggressive way as a response to others

Hopefully, these abovementioned things will help you in some way.

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