The Hidden Toll: Recognizing The Signs Of Social Withdrawal

Clues to Social Withdrawal Revealed

2 min readJun 4, 2023
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Social withdrawal implies ignoring people and staying out of things that someone used to enjoy before. When it comes to the extent of isolation it varies from minimum social interaction to complete isolation.

Signs of Social Withdrawal

Various factors might cause social withdrawal. For instance, it could sometimes include displaying a more reserved persona in social settings. Additionally, there can be entire avoidance of any type of social interaction.

Following are some instances of social withdrawal:

  • Dodging social activities that the person used to enjoy before
  • Avoiding socializing with others
  • Giving reasons for being alone
  • Being less chatty than others
  • Avoiding circumstances where the person might have to meet new people
  • Dodging open-ended questions and not starting conversations with others
  • Unwillingness to try anything new
  • Avoiding any unexpected circumstances
  • Accepting tasks or assignments that require working alone




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