The Fascinating Explanation For Why We Keep Having The Recurring Dreams

Recurring Dreams & its interpretation

2 min readAug 27, 2022


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Recurring dreams are a particularly strong type of dreams that might explain our everyday life. In our daily life, if we are stressed about something and we are not addressing it, our minds find a way to address it.

“Usually, recurring dreams would indicate that stressors or things are going on that are probably not being processed during the day. Essentially if we fail to address stress when we’re awake, the mind will figure out a way to address it.”


According to experts, there are a few typical patterns for recurrent dreams related to stress. Some examples of recurring stress dreams could be drowning underwater, teeth falling out, falling down, and being followed or stalked.

Although it’s unclear why people would have recurring stress dreams because of stress. However, the possible reason could be tensions from certain issues, and the subconscious mind then generates some similar dream contents as a defense mechanism.

Dream Interpretation

There is not any conclusive scientific proof of dream interpretation.

As Breus states, “Every single thing that happens in your dream you manufacture, you know absolutely everything that goes in said dream.” As a result, “Your dreams mean something only to you.” Yet, while dreams may not tell you anything you don’t know on some level, they can offer valuable clues about how you’re feeling, especially if you’re experiencing recurring stress dreams or nightmares.

So, if you are having nightmares even though there is no stress in your life, it is advisable to seek help from mental health expert. It should be noted, that people who experience…




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