The Common Psychopathic Traits And The Roots Of Psychopathy

Not all psychopaths are violent criminals

3 min readNov 18, 2022
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Someone who exhibits traits like emotionless, callous and deeply immoral can be known as a psychopath. Even though it is not an official mental health diagnosis, it is mostly applied in clinical and legal situations.

Most of the psychopathic traits coincide with traits of antisocial personality disorder. Because people with APD also tend to act out and breach the law repeatedly. However, only a small number of people with APD can be categorised as psychopaths.

Some Prominent Examples Of Psychopaths Could be

  • Ted Bundy
  • Charles Manson
  • Jack the Ripper

Some Of The Common Psychopathic Traits

The characteristics of psychopaths can differ from person to person. Some psychopaths could be violent criminals but others could be thriving in leadership roles. It is entirely based on their personality traits. Moreover, there is a difference between a psychopath and someone with psychopathic traits.

There is also a possibility that someone can only have psychopathic traits but not an actual psychopath.




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