Some Nauseating Reasons Why Narcissists Stalk Their Victims

Stalking is one of the sick games by narcissists

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Narcissists view their victims as their property and something only they can possess. In their mind, they can treat their victims in any bad way and they are supposed to tolerate their abusive behavior.

If their victim somehow manages to distance themselves or apply the “no contact” method the narcissists freak out because they feel they are losing control over their victim. This is why narcissists start stalking their victims to feel control from a distance.

Apart from these, there are certain reasons why narcissists stalk their victims. For instance,

  • They like to intimidate their victims.
  • They want to punish their victims. So, by stalking they are taking their revenge on the victim.
  • They want to exert control over their victims. Even though they don’t want you, they still don’t want to give up their control.
  • They simply want to destroy your peace of mind. So, by stalking they feel superior and feel good when the victim is suffering.
  • By terrorizing you through stalking they entice your emotional response and it fulfills their narcissistic supply. For narcissists, even the negative response works as attention.

Thus, if shown any response that you are intimidated by their behavior they will enjoy it and continue their stalking. Rather, show you are either unbothered or not scared of their sick games.

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