Relationship With An INTJ: It’s Not As Difficult As You Think

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2 min readAug 12, 2022
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We INTJs like to fly solo. As we already feel complete on our own, thus, we are not desperate for romantic partners. Also, when we are in any relationship, we need the freedom to do things according to our preferences. We also don’t like the co-dependent dynamic in a relationship.

INTJs are goal-oriented and are known to be keen observers. This is why we are attracted to individuals who are determined to get things done. We also like the company of open-minded people. People who understand our perspectives and logical side.

Any sort of unnecessary drama and emotional manipulation is a total turn-off for us. As INTJs do not like wasting their time on these meaningless things. Besides, you probably would never succeed if you tried deceit and manipulation while dealing with an INTJ. Because when we like someone we are more observant of that person most of the time.

As we have no problem flying solo, we don’t prefer any controlling behaviour and constant interference in everything. In a nutshell, when people disrespect our boundaries, we are done with them for good.

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