Why Is It Important To Re-Create Yourself?

Law 25 from 48 Laws of Power



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“The world wants to assign you a role in life. And once you accept that role you are doomed. Your power is limited to the tiny amount allotted to the role you have selected or have been forced to assume. An actor, on the other hand, plays many roles. Enjoy that protean power, and if it is beyond you, at least forge a new identity, one of your own making, one that has had no boundaries assigned to it by an envious and resentful world.” — Robert Greene, The 48 Laws of Power

Principles of Law 25

Law 25 introduces the concept of taking control and re-creating yourself based on your current situation. This image that we construct through recreating ourselves will eventually help us to have a sense of empowerment.

The process can begin with self-awareness. We have to imagine ourselves as an actor and adopt the appearances and emotions required for those particular circumstances. The law also suggests constructing a unique persona or impression that will distinguish us from others and draw attention.

For instance, Abraham Lincoln caught the eyes of others by presenting himself as a provincial lawyer, complete with his hat, attire, and beard. He was also known to be the first president who conveyed his persona by using his photographs.

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The law further suggests that creating a distinctive image is not enough. We need to add a dramatic type of suspense to our actions.

For example, Franklin Delano Roosevelt often arranged his events to maximize the effects of his actions. He began with a fierce inaugural speech and followed it with a well-planned series of quick actions, including legislation and appointments.

Application of Law 25




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