Polyamory Unveiled: Exploring The Common Personality Traits Of Non-Monogamous Individuals

Polyamory and Personalities

2 min readJul 10, 2023
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There has been some research on the relationship between personality traits and polyamory. However, the studies of consensual nonmonogamy among lesbian, gay, and bisexual individuals showed that

individuals who are involved in polyamorous relationships or interested in being in them are most likely to have a high level of openness to new experiences whereas, will have a lower level of conscientiousness.

Apart from these, the two main personality traits can influence someone to be in polyamorous relationships. For instance,


According to research studies, extroverted people are more likely to be open, experimental, assertive, sensation-seeking, and susceptible to adultery compared to introverts.

Also, extroverts may be more suited for having multiple relationships or open relationships and may even be more enthusiastic about them. Besides, extroverts are frequently more active, outgoing, and interested in socializing. Therefore, it is understandable why extroverts can easily manage several relationships compared to introverts.




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