Mirror, Mirror On The Wall: 4 Clear Signals You’re Dealing With A Narcissist On A First Date

Run, Don’t Walk



Photo by cottonbro studio from Pexels

Whether you’re currently in a relationship or just stepping into the dating scene, gaining insights into the subtle nuances of narcissistic behaviour and its red flags can be a time saver.

When it comes to the initial stage of the dating scene, the narcissist will appear too good to be true with their charming, sociable, and lovely nature, instead of getting fooled by their alluring personality you have to pay attention to what they say since it will not last long until one of these narcissist warning signs appears:

i) Conversations only revolve around them

On a first date with a narcissist, you might notice they like talking about themselves. Their endless accomplishments, fascinating interests, extraordinary lifestyle and status and the list goes on. They will often explain all of these things in a bragging way and every topic might seem to be circled back to them. This is a sign that you are dealing with an overt narcissist.

ii) Their Sarcastic jokes or comments

Narcissists will use sarcasm as a tool to belittle or demean you. With their sarcastic comments, they subtly undermine their date’s confidence or self-esteem. Their main intention is not to make you laugh or create a light-hearted atmosphere but rather to maintain dominance and superiority over you.

iii) They are impatient and entitled

The narcissists will display impatience and a profound sense of entitlement as their egoistic nature leads them to believe they deserve everything they desire. They believe they are superior to other people and use it to conceal their intrinsic imperfections. This is why, they demand unwavering attention and admiration to satisfy the void they feel within themselves,

iv) They complain about their exes

The narcissists will make their ex-partners the villain of their story and present their story in a way in which they are the only victim. They will often portray their ex as “crazy” or unstable. In this way, they seek to…




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