Identifying the Warning Signs of Toxic Relationships: Are You In One?

How to Recognize Them

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Toxic relationships are not always seen in romantic partnerships, they could exist among family, friends or even co-workers. No matter where any type of toxic relationship can be very distressing and demanding specifically when things are not handled properly.

For instance, try to identify these signs to understand whether you are in a toxic relationship or not:

i) Hostile behaviours:

Any toxic environment can be caused by certain peoples who always whines, complains and criticizes. Other types of toxic traits could be maladaptive perfectionism, pathological lying and unhealthy competition. Apart from these, the toxic person may even allow their insecurities to bring out their most destructive traits.

ii) Lack of self-awareness:

Individuals who lack self-awareness sometimes fail to see the harm they do to others. They might not also be aware of a healthy way of communication. Also, they probably do not understand social cues very well and can’t recognize when they’re annoying others or giving others the impression that they are being judged or disregarded.

iii) Intentionally hurting others:

Some people intentionally behave rudely and hurtfully. They can make you feel left out and attacked in these circumstances as a result of their hostile behaviour. Also, they could try to influence or control you, which is toxic behaviour.

iv) Constantly cheating on their partner:

A romantic relationship can become easily toxic if an intimate partner lies and cheats without any regret or even attempts to change their behaviour. Some toxic persons can even go further and blame their partners for their cheating.

v) Behaving abusively:

Some people behave in a way that is abusive and they purposely hurt you again and again. In any type of relationship, abuse is never acceptable, regardless of whether they are continuously talking negatively about you or physically hurting you in any way.



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