How To Spot A Compulsive Liar: Warning Signs You Can’t Ignore

The Art of Deception: Recognizing the Characteristics of a Compulsive Liar

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According to Aimee Daramus, PsyD,

“Compulsive liars are people who have very little control over their tendency to use lying as a coping skill. They may lie to manage social situations or meet their own psychological needs of safety, security, or belonging.”

For example, a compulsive liar can make up a story instantly and usually do this to avoid discomfort. Sometimes they even make up false stories like they are great and have a lot of achievements. They do this because they are insecure about their real image and feel the need to have validation from others.

So, what could be the signs that someone is being a compulsive liar?

Well, according to Dr Romanoff, these are the following signs of a compulsive liar:

  • Telling things or stories in an elaborative way so that it might seem real
  • Being nervous while communicating
  • They often change their stories
  • Their words don’t match their actions
  • Being secretive and deceptive when asked about something
  • When they are confronted about their lies they become defensive

It can sometimes be difficult to determine whether someone is lying, so you simply have to wait and see if what they said is false. If you know someone well, you might be able to detect when they are lying by observing their body language or tone of voice, but most of the time you just have to wait it out.

Hopefully, the abovementioned things will help you in some way.

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This article is intended for educational and awareness purposes only. Please seek professional guidance for more information.

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