How To Identify Signs Of Antagonistic Narcissism

Recognizing the Red Flags

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Antagonistic Narcissism

This type of narcissist is usually the opposite of communal narcissists. There are some distinct traits which can help you identify them easily. For instance,

  • Extremely competitive
  • Being vindictive
  • Being disagreeable and argumentative
  • Exploiting other people
  • Reluctant to forgive
  • Trust issues

Apart from these, this type of narcissist is also in contrast to overt narcissists. For example, overt narcissists are highly extroverted and enjoy making new friends. On the contrary, antagonistic narcissists find it difficult to maintain social interactions, which is why this type of narcissist struggles to maintain personal relationships.

According to a previous study, grandiose narcissists tend to gain popularity over time. In contrast, individuals who exhibit unfriendly and hostile behaviour tend to have a long-term decline in their popularity. Thus, it can be concluded that antagonist narcissists usually show hostile behaviour and are resentful toward others. This is why they struggle to maintain personal relationships.

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This article is intended for educational and awareness purposes only. Please seek professional guidance for more information.

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