How to Identify Cerebral Narcissists?

The Sick Truth of Cerebral Narcissist



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Cerebral narcissist portrays their self-image and narcissistic tendencies based on their intellectuality as they prefer receiving their external validation through outsmarting other people. This kind of narcissist exhibits superiority and arrogance by appearing as an intellectual individual in any environment. They are the ones who like to boast about their intellect during conversations with others by using complex phrases and justifying facts whenever someone says something wrong. This kind of narcissist perceives themselves as “know it” and others as stupid and ignorant.

How to Identify a Cerebral Narcissist?

  1. They always project an image of being smarter than the rest of the group.

“Most people are often quite intimidated by them because they are talking about things in such a technical manner,” Durvasula says. “Your eyes either glaze over, or you are wowed by their ‘brilliance.”

In regular conversation, cerebral narcissists will use complex, technical terminology and will always refer to their statements to books, writers, and theories by name. They will also mention concepts that are devised as innovative.

2. They strive to be the focus of everyone’s attention.

According to Durvasula, “cerebral narcissists would cut others off or talk over them, believing that what they have to say is smarter and more essential”. They always manage to monopolize the conversation.

As they don’t consider other people as smart like them thus, whenever someone tries to explain something they will act uninterested or scornful when someone is speaking. That’s why they are more similar to conversational narcissists.

3. They are arrogant.

Cerebral narcissists are egotistic and snobbish as part of their entitlement and supremacy complex. They will usually gloat about what schooling they have, what kind of degree they have, and sham activities that they believe are “ordinary,” such as dining at a chain restaurant or vacationing in a middle-class hotel. They also might scoff or insult someone for mispronouncing or wrongly using a term.




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