How The Exaggerated Stereotypes Of Beauty In Society Are Detrimental

Society should prioritize intellect more



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Throughout history, there have been many different standards of beauty. In ancient Greece, for example, women were considered beautiful if they had slender figures and fair skin. Today, the standard of beauty is often based on exaggerated stereotypes, such as the idea that women must be tall and thin with perfect skin.

These unrealistic standards of beauty can be detrimental to women in several ways. These unrealistic images have led to a rise in eating disorders, body dysmorphia, and low self-esteem among both men and women.

The media has perpetuated exaggerated stereotypes of beauty for generations. For example, there was a picture of American model Kendall Jenner in a bathing suit that went viral conveying the perfect body image for a woman. On the other hand, a photograph of Alyssa Carson, the 19-year-old astronaut who became the youngest person in history to pass all NASA aerospace tests, was not as highly esteemed globally as Kendal’s.

This scenario demonstrates the excessive importance that society places on exaggerated stereotypes of beauty. Even though many women compete to be accepted into traditionally male-dominated roles and professions. Yet, society prioritizes physical attractiveness above actual talent and intelligence.

It is fine to admire the beauty of the feminine body, however, it is seriously detrimental and ignorant if society elevates physical beauty over those who are intellectual, determined, and skilful as Alyssa Carson.

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