How Can You Identify A Communal Narcissist

Some Obvious Signs Of A Communal Narcissist

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The communal narcissist usually has a perception that they are very likeable and helpful with exceptional social skills. But in reality, they are just a hypocrite and only concerned with satisfying their own needs.

What Indicates a Communal Narcissist?

Those who suffer from communal narcissism often emphasise the idea of playing significant roles in society. Mostly they feel compelled to “fix” things and make changes.

By doing so, they receive a great sense of accomplishment. This is how they receive their validation and fulfil their need for power. However, their obsessive pursuit of such power can be problematic and harmful to others.

So, if you want to identify a communal narcissist there are some obvious signs to look out for:

  • They show excessive devotion to particular charities or causes. Because of this, they can overlook other important things in their life or even offend other people.
  • As they perceive themselves as fulfilling a great mission and their community as the important one, thus, they consider any other interests insignificant and self-serving.
  • They purposely cause unnecessary drama or conflicts at charitable events instead of focusing on communal goals and objectives. They would rather be focusing on establishing hierarchies and engaging in internal politics.
  • They are perceived as “heroes” or “saints”. This is why they belittle and ridicule other people who do not share a “martyr-like” belief system. They might also have hatred toward privileged and affluent people who do not like donating their fortune to charities.
  • They appear to care about societal concerns only in front of the public. They don’t have any real concern for the causes and everything they do in public is just for a show.

For instance, they might offer an extravagant amount of money for any significant event but they would never think of asking for any donations privately or anonymously. Or, on social media, they could post about their fake concerns about a certain cause but in reality, they are not going to take any…



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