How Can You Eliminate Distractions?

Try these 5 Simple Ways

3 min readFeb 4, 2022


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Aren’t we all guilty of getting distracted while doing our important work? Since I started following certain ways to reduce distractions, I was able to get my things done in a more productive and less time-consuming way.

These are the five proven ways you can eliminate distractions and work more productively and effectively:

i) Schedule your time

You have to choose a specific time for your tasks when you are most likely to be more focused and productive. Then you have to set aside time to deal with your distractions. It’s better to choose a time for your distractions while you are less productive.

For instance, I usually do all of my writing, research, and other important things during the day until evening. I find that time suitable, and I’m more productive during that time.

ii) Silent your phone

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Well, this one is mandatory if you really want to concentrate on your important tasks. I follow this rule especially when I’m writing, and I literally don’t need any distractions. It’s obvious you will be easily distracted by your compelling social media notifications buzzing your phone. Besides, it’s better not to attend any phone calls during that time.

iii) Avoid scrolling social media:

I know this might be the hardest one, especially if you are an active user on social media platforms. You can mute the social media app notifications during your work schedule time. If you feel too tempted to browse, do it in your break time.

I believe scrolling social media is a huge time-waster of our day. I purposely chose not to be active on most of the social media platforms except the professional ones. Since I started doing this, I became more productive and less distracted by all the unnecessary nuances.

iv) Avoid multitasking

It’s better to prioritize your task lists. In this way, you will be able to avoid multitasking. Start…




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