Here’s Why You Should Gain Confidence Instead Of Trying To Make Everyone Else Convinced

Confidence is silent and insecurities are loud



Photo by DIAO DARIUS on Unsplash

Real confidence is always silent, whereas insecurities are loud. Insecure people usually need to make noise and be loud to exhibit their confidence. One example could be “insulting comments”.

How someone handles an insulting comment says a lot about that person’s confidence. If the person is confident, he/she will disregard any negative comments will remain composed and avoid engaging with them. Because a confident person knows that you don’t always have to prove your worth to the naysayers and you are totally strong enough to be confident in a calm way.

As Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”

On the other hand, the insecure person will handle this situation differently. He/she may argue with the other person and feel more insecure about themselves. An insecure person will be the one who will boast about their accomplishments as they need external validation to make them feel secure. They constantly require external validation to feel good about themselves. This is why they show off to other people to convince them that they are confident.

A confident person is self-aware and assured about his/her strengths and weaknesses. This is why their confidence is silent.

How can you practice silent confidence?

To achieve silent confidence you must focus on creating positive viewpoints about yourself in your mind. You also need to be self-aware of your flaws and shortcomings and be able to accept them. Rather than being defensive about the flaws you can practice certain positive phrases:

  • I am competent.
  • I am totally fine with my imperfections and I will not let them define who I am.
  • I am not going to care about other people’s opinions about me (THIS ONE IS VERY IMPORTANT)
  • I don’t have to measure up to anyone else or even prove myself.




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