Here’s Why The Bodily Autonomy Of A Woman Triumphs All The Misogynistic Arguments

Hoping to see the day when women will have the autonomy of their bodies as men do



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In most parts of the world, women do not have bodily autonomy. This is the harsh reality. The situation is very stringent when it comes to the abortion decision. There are many countries including mine, where abortion is illegal. Even in some countries, women are not authorized to make any bodily decisions without any male guardian’s consent. Whether we like it or not, we can’t change it. We can only hope for the betterment.

When it comes to abortion, it’s nonsensical and preposterous when the anti-abortionists do not want to understand one simple thing “giving up the freedom”. No one in this world should force another person to give up their freedom. There is no doubt unwanted pregnancy is unpleasant, traumatic, and risky. Forced pregnancy is not a solution, it’s risky and unfair to both the unborn child and the pregnant woman. Thus, compelling pregnant woman to risk their health, well-being, and comfort is unjustifiable.

There should not be any argument regarding who should decide to continue the pregnancy. No one else should be permitted to make choices especially when it comes to her body. This choice only should be made by the woman who is pregnant, because it is her body.

There should not be any argument based on legal, moral, and so on issues because the only thing matters is the bodily autonomy of a woman. Abortion is about body autonomy and the bodily autonomy of a woman supersedes any arguments regarding this matter.

Those people who want to make decisions about what a woman is allowed to do with her body or not will always use different things, for instance, tradition, culture, and religion as their weapon. They will justify their point of view with their weapons. But they can’t deny the ultimate truth that it should be the woman who should make her bodily decisions.

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