Gaslighting Example: How A Narcissist Can Make You Doubt Yourself

The Narcissist Questions Your Sanity By Gaslighting

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When you are dealing with a narcissist, you might have noticed that narcissists like to engage in gaslighting. They prefer this kind of manipulation because it helps them to ignore reality in a way that makes them question themselves and their experiences.

Some of the obvious examples of gaslighting can be:

  • They might argue or even deny saying something or say that they were just kidding. Also, they might point out that you are the one being overly sensitive
  • They might make you feel inferior by stating that you have no idea about the situation or accusing you of misunderstanding or overreacting to the situation.
  • In some situations, they might even refute what they have said or done.

It is difficult to deal with gaslighting by narcissists, especially when your word is being used against theirs. The only easy way to deal with this situation is to keep written records of the things or discussions that happened with them, if possible, keep others as a witness in your conversations.

This can help you with the narcissist at your workplace. In a workplace, the narcissist can be very competitive and could accuse you of behaving badly or unprofessionally to win over your colleagues and superiors.

So, whenever any narcissist gaslights you, make sure to establish a strong boundary and be adamant that you are aware of what they are doing and that you are not going to tolerate their behaviour.

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This article is intended for educational and awareness purposes only. Please seek professional guidance for more information.

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