From Midnight Nightmares To An Adventurous Journey

Insights From My Personal Experience

1 min readNov 2, 2022


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Once upon a time

At the age of 24

I had everything figured out

But it was an illusion

Soon the big house

Turned into Prisoner of Azkaban

Soon my other half

Turned into a Monster

Soon my Sweet Dreams

Turned into Midnight Nightmares

Suddenly I figured

I was kept like a Prisoner

In the tower

But One Day I broke out of

The Prison and ran so fast

That I never looked back

Gladly I sailed to

An Exotic Island

Where I found

So many Treasures

And ended up with

Books and My Happiness

Also, some Creatures like me

And since then, I’m living

My version of happily ever after…

Thank you for reading

*Tried to summarize one of the chapters from my book (life).

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