Find Out Unknown Insights About Movie Preferences That Can Reveal Someone’s Personality Type

According to researchers

2 min readAug 3, 2022


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According to researchers, a person’s movie preferences can reveal something about his/her personality type or traits. For instance,

i) Comedy

People who prefer comedy movies are

  • relaxed, innovative, and adventurous
  • unorganized and have a lack of attention to detail
  • less conscientious

Likewise, a study by Kraaykamp et al (2005) showed that comedy movies are often more original, they contain humor, their plot lines are unpredictable, and they challenge conventional ways of thinking.

ii) Horror

People who are fascinated by horror movies tend to be

  • less pleasant and friendly
  • low in extroversion
  • high in neuroticism
  • highly anxious and restless

According to a previous study, people who dislike horror films are more agreeable and prefer a movie that displays images of kindness and warmth (not brutality), which is in line with their personality traits.

iii) Action

Individuals with a preference for action movies are

  • less neurotic
  • more outgoing and adventurous
  • less emotionally stable
  • more conscientious and hard-working

These individuals like familiarity, thus they prefer watching predictable storylines that action movies mostly have.

iv) Romance

Individuals who prefer to watch romantic movies are

  • high in neuroticism
  • emotionally unstable
  • attentive and industrious

As romantic movies are most likely to have familiar plotlines and similar kinds of characters, thus, neurotic people like to watch these movies. It provides them with an escape from the stress and anxiety in their life.

v) Fantasy



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