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Law #28 from 48 Laws of Power

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Law 28 from 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene can be applied in terms of increasing our self-confidence in the professional sector. It also can be applied to those individuals who are currently in or want to pursue any leadership role.

“A bold act requires a high degree of confidence.”

-Robert Greene.

Principles of Law 28

Law 28 emphasizes being strong and bold. Naturally, we as humans, tend to think twice before taking any risk or acting boldly. But, law 28 states that exercising boldness and acting courageously will help us to be strong. It will portray us as self-confident people.

Some of the aspects of boldness that Law 28 emphasizes are:

  • Not showing hesitation

While dealing with people if you show any hesitation, it would be very obvious that you are trying to hide your weaknesses. Other people will see through that and will take advantage of your weak point.

  • Presenting yourself as intimidating

When you present yourself with bold actions, you come across as intimidating and powerful. Also, if you unexpectedly behave boldly, that is even more intimidating. In this way, other people will always be alerted about your next action.

  • Don’t be indecisive

If you are indecisive, especially while achieving a goal, it will create roadblocks for you. You will be lost along the way and won’t be able to achieve your goal.

  • You eliminate uncertainties

When you are showing boldness in your actions, you are giving other people no chance to second guess you or your motives. This eliminates doubts and uncertainties in other people’s minds.

  • Exerting power

By being bold and courageous, you will be able to catch the eyes of the right people. This will help you to gain power and influence in certain situations.

Applying Law 28

An example of this law could be Pietro Aretino. He was a kitchen staff in a noble Roman family and wished to be an aspiring…



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