Do You Have Any Unusual Awkward Moments?

My personal experience



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I have a few, but one that I particularly remember happened back in 2020.

Yeah, that year.

Everything was remote but for some official things, we were allowed to visit certain places with permission.

At that time, I visited my co-supervisor for the very first time. I wanted to finalize both of my supervisors’ names as I have to submit them to the Ph.D. supervisory committee.

During our discussions, I showed him my research framework. He asked me, “why your framework is like the Ph.D. research framework, you are in a Master” I replied Prof. I am doing a PhD, not a Master 😅

He then said I thought you were in Master because you look very young. “I replied, yeah, a lot of people misunderstood in this way. In our Ph.D. class, it’s only me and another student of my age who are the youngest ones.”

I think a lot of people have some sort of misconception that a PhD can only be pursued by older people. But I believe age doesn’t matter especially when it comes to gaining knowledge and experience.

Besides, for the last few years, due to my life experiences, I always felt like I had outgrown the people my age. Whether it’s a good thing or bad, I have no idea.

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