Do You Ever Have An Eerie Gut Feeling That Turns Out To Be True

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Yes, this happened to me a lot of times. I had this really strange gut feeling about something bad that would turn out to be true.

First, I would have this strong gut feeling then I would feel restless for the whole day. After this, I would just know something bad might happen to someone close to me or someone I love.

I noticed it first back in 2019. I was away from my home country. I got the bad news that one of my cousins was badly injured in a fire accident. The moment I heard the news, I had this really strange gut feeling and was restless. I was strongly feeling that something worse would happen to him and was just hoping that he would survive. Unfortunately, my gut feelings turn out to be correct. He died after two weeks, and I was in denial for a couple of months about his death.

Another time my gut feelings turn out to be true. It was 25th December and my family and relatives were having a get-together. My papa video called me and told me everyone was missing me. They wished I was there at that moment. He then passed the phone to my grandmother. She was smiling and talking with me. The moment I saw her smile, I had a really scary feeling I might be seeing her for the last time. After a couple of hours, she died that night. When my sister gave me the news the next morning, I was numb and was feeling guilty that I couldn’t see her for the last time in person. I felt guilty and was in denial for a very long time.

At first, I would get very angry about these eerie feelings because I knew they were not going to bring any good news. Then started paying close attention to them. I noticed I would have these eerie feelings mostly when someone close to me was about to get sick, get into some trouble, or worse die.

I also noticed I would suddenly feel melancholy and restless for no reason and have a strange feeling that something bad would happen to someone close to me. But I wouldn’t specifically know who exactly close to me would be in trouble.

So whenever I would feel this way, I would try to find out if my immediate family members were doing well or not. Whenever my feelings turn out to be true I feel angry because I’m unable to stop the bad thing from happening to them. The saddest part is I don’t have any control over those situations even though I get into contact with them in time.

I mostly discuss it with my mom instantly whenever I have any sort of strange gut feelings because she also gets this kind of feeling most of the time, and her ones are stronger than mine.

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