Disorganized Attachment Style In Relationships: What You Need To Know

What is Disorganized Attachment Style?



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A disorganized attachment style can be caused by different things, for instance, childhood trauma, abandonment, or abuse. Also, there could be fear of their parents. Usually, children with this type of attachment style may appear uncertain and confused.


People with this attachment style may show the following signs:

  • Unable to control emotions
  • Scared of being rejected
  • Inconsistent behaviors
  • Excessive anxiety
  • Having trust issues
  • Indications of both anxious and avoidant attachment style

According to experts, a disorganized attachment style is connected with some mental health problems for instance,

Disorganized Attachment Style In Relationships

Individuals with this attachment style often behave in perplexing and unpredictable ways in relationships. They also like to switch between being clingy and emotional and distant and independent.

Sometimes they push away their potential mates and other times they desperately chase love. Although they have a fear of rejection, they don’t shy away from any emotional intimacy.

As this attachment style discerns their partner as unpredictable thus in return they behave inconsistently in the relationship. Also, they continuously struggle between the desire for safety and fear.

Final Takeaways

Counselling can be helpful for people with a disorganized attachment style. It will help them communicate and feel safe in their future relationships.

Most importantly, choosing a trustworthy, reliable, and considerate partner is advisable as it will help the person to develop a healthy attachment. Also, a healthy relationship always provides a sense of safety within the relationship.




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