Can Our Personality Be Changed?

Scientifically Proven Ways To Improve Yourself



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Have you ever wished to change some of the traits of your personality? Or even just one or two aspects of your personality?

For instance, we sometimes think of improving a few of our difficult traits. Sometimes we are way too comfortable with these traits that it is very challenging for us to make any changes. Also, according to professionals, it is extremely challenging for us to change our general characteristics.

It is obvious, that you can’t drastically change your introverted persona and suddenly become more extroverted. However, you can gradually improve some small traits over a while. Such as

Developing New Habits

According to psychologists, we can develop habits related to positive personality traits. We can gradually develop our habitual responses by practising now and then. However, it is not easy to modify our old habits all of a sudden.

This is why, we have to practice on a long-term basis and, through constant repetitive practice it will be easier.

Challenging belief system

If you want to grow, you must be capable of challenging your belief system. For instance, if you want to be more sociable, and outgoing then you can’t restrict yourself by believing that you are only stuck with your inflexible introverted traits. Instead, you have to believe that you can adopt certain traits, that are necessary or will be an added value to your amazing personality.

Focusing on a growth mindset

According to Dweck’s research study, praising efforts are more useful than ability. Instead of thinking “I’m so smart” or “I’m so talented,” replace such phrases with “I worked really hard” or “I found a good way of solving that problem.”

This is why it is important to focus on adopting a growth mindset. It will be much easier this way to see the actual changes.

Adapting based on necessities

Positive psychologist Christopher Peterson realized early on that his introverted personality might have a detrimental impact on his career as an…




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