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Personal insights on Deso (Bitclout)

2 min readMar 2, 2022


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This is my first week on Deso, and I’m trying to learn about that platform. Also, trying to figure out how we writers can utilize this platform.

On the platform, I noticed these certain things:

  • As a new user you have certain advantages, especially if you are posting your own content.
  • In the beginning, your coin price is low, thus, the investors are notified with a list of newly joined creators with their profile information and everything.
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  • If you are a creator and want to promote your content, it’s advisable to use your own name rather than any pseudonym.
  • Creators play a huge role on this platform as potential investors are always looking out to invest in the next lucrative creator.
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  • One of the interesting features on this platform is the Diamond. Anyone can give diamonds on your posts. These diamonds come with money and the amount is chosen by the person who is giving you the diamond.
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  • When your coin price gradually increases potential investors buy your creator coins. I think it also has to do with your consistent activity on the platforms.
  • If any creator is active on the platform, they are rewarded with coins and diamonds by @BeActive. I have received a couple of rewards today.
  • There is something called Bitclout Global Feed. I received a couple of notifications from @GlobalClout that some of my posts are in Bitclout Global Feed.

Till now, that’s all I learned about.

Let’s see what new features the platform introduces next.

My Bitclout profile 👇

Thank you for reading

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