Are You Exploring Web 3.0 Platforms

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1 min readFeb 28, 2022


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I am trying to gather knowledge about Web 3.0 platforms. Recently I read some articles on Web 3.0 social media platforms.

The articles by Tim Denning & Tom Kuegler inspired me to join Bitclout 😝

Bitclout is a web 3.0 version of Twitter but with coins, diamonds, and more fun 🤭

Some kind-hearted users gave diamonds on my clouts. With those diamonds, I bought my own creator coins 😁😇

I’m still trying to learn about this new platform and its features 😅

I’m looking forward to meeting our Medium writers on Bitclout. If anyone is already on Bitclout, feel free to join me 🤗

My Bitclout profile 👇

Thank you for reading

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