5 Types Of Stonewalling That Might Appear In Relationships

How To Deal With StoneWalling

2 min readFeb 3, 2023
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Stonewalling refers to the act of shutting down emotionally and becoming non-responsive in a conversation or situation. In relationships, some forms of stonewalling include:

i) Physical Withdrawal: This involves physically leaving the situation or avoiding interaction.

For example, the person might purposely do this to avoid any difficult communication.

ii) Emotional Withdrawal: This involves shutting down emotions and becoming unresponsive, non-communicative, or distant.

Usually, people who don’t know how to regulate their different kinds of emotions will most likely behave this way.

iii) Cognitive Withdrawal: This involves shutting down cognitive processes and refusing to think about or process information related to the situation.

For instance, a person might behave this way if he/she is overwhelmed by the situation or the interaction.

iv) Verbal Withdrawal: This involves avoiding or minimizing verbal communication and the expression of thoughts and feelings.

For example, narcissists often use the “silent treatment” tactic on their victims to gain control of them and the situation.




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