5 Types Of Envious People You Will Meet In Life

Identifying Envious People Who Try To Bring You Down.

4 min readMar 26, 2022


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Have you ever come across a green-eyed monster? I bet you did. At least once in a lifetime.

Encounter with an envious person might make you feel bad about yourself. You might even think that you are the problem. But it’s the opposite. As envious people lack self-confidence, they easily feel insecure around anyone doing better than them. This is why they try to bring the other person down through their behaviour or any other way.

Not all enviers behave in the same way. They can be distinguished into certain types. For instance,

i) The Levelers

This type of individual has a tendency of bringing other people down to their level. They often use excuses like other people are lucky and have a fair chance.

This type can typically be present in the workplace. If they find you successful compared to them, they will not miss any chance of dragging you down. They wouldn’t think twice before sabotaging your work out of envy.

ii) The Self-entitled

Yes, we all are aware of this type. The one with narcissistic traits. They believe they deserve other people’s respect although they haven’t done anything to earn it.

They wouldn’t bother working hard to achieve something. But they will be resentful toward anyone who succeeded. At the workplace or anywhere, this type can be the charmer one. They mostly use their superficial charming nature rather than doing the actual work. They will even try to manipulate someone naive and hard-working to do their work.

I encountered this type on various occasions. Some even showed hostile behaviour when their superficial charm didn’t work on me. Some even continue trying and then gave up.

iii) The Insecure

This type already has high status and leadership positions, but they are highly insecure about their shortcomings. Thus they don’t wish other people to achieve their level of status and success. Especially, anyone who works for them. With this type of mentor, leader, and employer, you have to follow the “Never outshine your…




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