5 Strange But True Facts About Omniverts

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I like learning about new things, especially human behaviour and personality traits. It helps me to understand myself better and also other people around me.

Lately, I questioned some of my traits that are equally extroverted and introverted. So, I decided to find the answer and came across the term “Omnivert”.

Omniverts can have both introverted and extroverted traits. For instance, they might become detached and highly withdrawn from things and situations they don’t care about. On the other hand, they might enjoy being at the party if they are having fun.

This implies:

i) The personality of omniverts completely depends on the situation. In some situations, they can be extroverted, and in others, they can be introverted.

ii) Just like a typical introvert, they need their alone time to escape from their outgoing personalities temporarily.

iii) Even though omniverts can adapt introverted and extroverted traits based on their situations, they are usually unable to maintain balance. It means they can be entirely extroverted when they are in the outgoing mode whereas they can be a typical introvert if they are in the introverted mode.

iv) In terms of controlling emotions, they have low emotional stability. When it comes to social expectations, omniverts take a more proactive approach.

v) In terms of spending time with other people, omniverts mostly rely on their social battery. Such as, when they are in an extrovert mode, they will party and hang out with the extroverts. Whereas, when they are in their introvert mode, they will prefer to spend their alone and quiet time with other introverts.

So, how can you figure it out if you are an omnivert?

If you exhibit the typical characteristics of both extroverts and introverts, for instance, you like outgoing activities and socializing, but also prefer to be secluded and detached from situations you are not comfortable to be in. Then it shows you are an omnivert.

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