5 Reasons Why People Breadcrumb And How To Deal With It

Breadcrumbing: What It Is & Who Does It

4 min readOct 8, 2022


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Even if you are not in the dating arena, you must have heard about the term called “Breadcrumbing”. This is a very usual type of manipulation that mostly can be seen in the dating world, specifically in online dating.

The person who is employing the breadcrumbing will send you messages now and then, and might even give you a bit of attention on social media, for instance, liking your posts, replying to your stories, and other activities like this.

In other words, they will only show interest in interacting with you online but might not show any interest in pursuing any relationship with you IRL.

Some of the reasons behind Breadcrumbing

There aren’t any exact reasons behind breadcrumbing. Although, it might depend on the situation of the relationship and the person using the breadcrumbing technique. However, some of the possible reasons why people use breadcrumbing are:

1) Low self-esteem

The person who has low self-esteem is most likely to use the breadcrumb to feel good about themselves. This is why, whenever they are feeling low they would interact with someone interested in them to fill the void inside them.

2) Re Assurance and validation

The breadcrumber likes to get attention from its victims. This is why when they are engaged in any interactions with their victims, it fulfills their validation needs.

For the breadcrumber, any type of response from the victim’s side is a kind of reassurance that someone likes them. This kind of reassurance and validation boosts their confidence.

3) Emotional immaturity

Maybe the breadcrumber isn’t ready for any committed relationship, and they just want to enjoy the attention that someone is interested in them. Just because they are indecisive and not mature enough to handle committed relationships, they employ the breadcrumbing technique merely to keep their opinions available.




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