5 Reasons Narcissists Discard Their Sources Of Supply

Understanding Narcissistic Discard in the context of a Narcissistic Relationship

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When a narcissistic person ends their relationship with you, it is called narcissistic discard. To understand narcissistic discard, it might be helpful to know about the stages of narcissistic relationships.

According to Dr Daramus, there are four stages of narcissistic relationships. For instance,

i) Appreciation

ii) Depreciation

iii) Repetition

iv) Discard

So, What Are The Reasons for Narcissistic Discard

A 2017 report discovered that persons with narcissistic personality disorder frequently struggle to keep long-term relationships. They often lack parental attention as children, which contributes to their tendency to use other people to boost their self-confidence. This is why they view people as things to be discarded when they are no longer needed.

According to Dr Daramus, these are the following examples of reasons why someone with narcissistic traits could discard you:

  • They degraded you because they could control and manipulate you so easily.
  • You were too challenging for them to manage.
  • They have moved on to another person who can satisfy their needs since you no longer feed their ego.
  • They realize that you couldn’t help them to further their ambitions in life, thus, they find someone else to use
  • They believe by moving on to someone “better”, they may somehow dysfunctionally upgraded

Final Takeaways

Whether it be romantic, professional, or anything else, it is not healthy to be in a relationship with someone with narcissistic traits. As the narcissist devalues your needs and manipulates you to be dependent on them for validation, the discarding by the narcissist could be a traumatic experience as it will question your self-worth.

Although it will be hard for you, in the beginning, to cope with the loss, you can slowly try the healing process…



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