5 Manipulative Ways A Narcissist Reacts To Your “No Contact” Situation

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3 min readAug 24, 2022


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If you are maintaining the “no-contact” situation, the narcissist will respond in certain manipulative ways. For instance, the narcissist will:

1. Attempt to get you back

They will contact you in some way, and will try to manipulate you by saying phrases like “I’m sorry” or “I will do better”. But you have to keep in mind that the narcissist is addicted to the validation from you. This is why the “no contact” situation is excruciating for the narcissist because he/she is not getting the narcissistic supply that you used to provide before. Thus, the narcissist will try to manipulate and deceive you into thinking that they are sincerely remorseful of their past actions.

2. Stalk you

If they are unable to contact you directly, they will start stalking you. They do this to gain control over you as they had before. They will continue their stalking unless they have other narcissistic supplies as their backup. The “no contact” situation makes them angry and, they don’t want to see you happy with anything or anyone. Also, internally they are unhappy so they stalk to see whether you are doing well in your life.

3. Might try coercion or intimidation

The narcissist might try to intimidate you by purposely showing up at your place and showing narcissistic rage. They do this so that you comply with whatever they say. This is why when you apply “no contact”, you also should be prepared for the narcissist to be outraged and coerce you back into doing things according to their way. They use intimidation to lure you back with them so they can exploit and mistreat you again.

4. Engage in smear campaigning

This is a very common tactic by narcissists. They purposely portray themselves as the victim of the story in front of others to gain sympathy. By maliciously smear campaigning, they position you as the villain. They might even spread rumors like they are the ones who left you and keep a distance because you did horrible things to them. So, during the “no contact” situation you can expect a vicious smear campaign and…




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